sobre TST Grupo

About Us

TST GRUPO was born with the experience and enthusiasm of a directive and technical personnel with more than 20 years' experience, with the sole purpose of giving our clients professional attention in Security, Communication Systems and digital Telecommunications.

Over the years, due to demand from our customers, TST GROUP specializes in systems security professionals comprehensive, looking at the request of our customers all those technological systems necessary to meet their needs for the protection of property and real estate.

Specialists in business security systems, industrial centers, agricultural centers, owners, etc.. Do not forget the safety of individuals with special offers and compliant systems designed to meet the needs of our customers. No matter the size of the project to be undertaken, TST GROUP has an I+D to make the bid needed to install and maintain their devices.

Why TST Group?

The answer is give our clients the technical expertise and our senior management personnel and technical staff meet all security needs they and their communications, a professional, transparent and what is most important innovation. All this staff continually trained in the latest technologies, which allowed us to develop and execute large projects of integration in security and surveillance, keeping for over 10 years of satisfied customers with a high degree of satisfaction of the same.

This care and centralized in a single channel fast and efficient care 902 22 51 51.