Outdoor cameras

A wide variety of outdoor cameras to control, sensitive outdoor areas of vandalism and theft of goods.

Hidden cameras

A wide variety of hidden cameras to make the control and security of our businesses and homes more discreet. (Always complying with current regulations in LOPD).

Night vision cameras

The latest technology in night vision, which allows to see any intruder in absolute darkness. Cameras capable of seeing with 0 lux lighting and adapting to any distance and geographical situation.

Thermal cameras

No person or vehicle can escape from entering its perimeter with the heat detection cameras. We also have industry applications for temperature control and fire prevention.

Digital recording

Professional Digital Recording teams in security, capable of recording any detail and then supplying it in a suitable and simple format so that the state security forces as well as customers can use them to arrest and identify the violators.

Image transmission over the network

Transmission system of images in real time or recorded, from our security recording equipment. Easy to use and very intuitive systems, bringing the latest technology in the simplest and most transparent way.

Mobile cameras

Mobile vision cameras, to control large areas and interacting with our security systems, are capable of following an intruder in an area without the need for manipulation by any operator.

Matrices for large companies and shopping centers

Vision systems with Multi-headquarters, and Planimetry, in a single control point we will have all the cameras of our businesses, relying on a group of plans to make it easier to track the intruder within our different businesses. The pop-up system facilitates the work of the vigilante or system operator, since the equipment detects the inmate and warns through a pop-up window and a sound.

Demonstration room

We have at your disposal a complete demonstration room where you can test the latest technology in video surveillance and security in which our experts will advise you on the most appropriate option for the needs of your home or business. We also go to your company or address to do a personalized demonstration.