Knock sensor

Systems capable of detecting the knocking on the wall or on any surface, windows, doors, safes, etc.. Perfectly adjustable to prevent false alarms.

Glass breakage sensors

Detection Systems glass breakage due to vandalism or attempted robbery.

Magnetic contacts (Opening doors and windows)

Equipment capable of detecting the opening of a door, window, shutter or other item with mobility.

indor security
External barriers (outer perimeter)

Equipment capable of creating a network of safety beams when cut by a person, send a signal to the central intrusion alarms or particular customer.

outdoor security
Buttons robbery

Holdup buttons, wired or wireless to protect their employees and family that may trigger a beep or mute at your request, sending a robbery and danger to the alarm or the client.


Persons detection systems for indoor or outdoor.

Special elements

There are a host of sensors and systems to protect people and their belongings, one must apply the information explaining their needs and proceed to advise the best solution for you.